The worst girl to be.

I was in the store recently and I met a girl who was looking for a job. She looked about my age but I wasn’t sure so I asked her how old she was. She told me she was seventeen.

So I asked her if she was still in high school and she said yes.

She told me she was trying to find a job so thatmoving out of her house would be easier. I told her, “Good luck, moving out is crazy expensive.”

She said “Oh, I’m not worried about it, My boyfriend is going to be paying for me.”

I was disgusted.

I’m sorry ladies, but at that age, you shouldn’t be depending on your boyfriends to be paying for everything. At any age really, you shouldn’t be expecting your boyfriends to be paying for everything. It’s okay for your boyfriends to pay for some things, and to treat you every now and again, but honestly, it’s his money and it’s wrong for you to demand that he pays for anything. Don’t get me wrong, he should be paying for some things, like dinner, or dates, but you can’t expect him to pay your rent and to pay for you to live. That’s what parents do. I’m sorry, but this isn’t the fifties. Women have jobs now; they’re part of the work force. If you really think you’re going to find a man who is okay with you sponging off of him for life, draining his bank accounts, spending all of his money…well, good luck.

Gold diggers aren’t attractive. Independence and pride is.

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